Bienvenida al Congreso de Dubái del Secretario General de IPRA-CINDER

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For the first time the World Land Registration congress, IPRA-CINDER, comes to this part of the World, where different civilizations and cultures live together. The best experiences in Land Registration from around the world have been brought together in order to improve our systems. We want to talk about the present and what the future might be like in the same way as the Dubai World Expo 2020 says “Connecting minds, creating the future”.

The topics of the congress we hope will not only be interesting for Land Registrars but also for the wider society. Making life easier for citizens when dealing in a secure way with property rights is part of what a smart city is. Using the new information technologies and protecting privacy is a key issue all around the world which worries regulators. The data from the Land Registries is highly valued and its potential use raises major concerns about the possibility of making them anonymous.

Just as cultures overlap, borrow from each other and live together, the same is done in Land Registration because the problems to be solved are similar. Ideas should be shared because when something works it can be used by all.  Our purpose is to share global knowledge in Land Registration.

The promotion of excellence in our organizations and in the events we organize is our aim. Professors have been chosen from different traditions all around the world specializing in Land Registration issues to promote a fruitful, theoretical and practical dialogue. Members of the judiciary body from several countries will attend the congress to offer another perspective about the registration process. The World Bank will be represented by high level specialists and researchers in the field of Land tenure.

This year new countries are coming to share their experiences with us. All the continents will be represented at the congress, as will the different legal traditions and the variety of Land Registration systems.

I would like to thank the Dubai Land Department for organizing the congress and especially to Sultan Ben Butti as president of the organizing committee. I want to give a warm welcome to all the organization members of IPRA-CINDER and in particular to all participants. I hope the congress will be very useful for everybody and encourage new possibilities of collaboration in the near future.

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