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Entrevista: Zahid Schroff, Asesor del Director General del Registro de la Propiedad en India

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1. How is the Indian land registry?

The Indian land registry is based on a federal and state system. Each land register is done by state control but not by the whole country. It is a record right of system and cadastral maps.

2. Which is your function in the Indian land registry?

We actually have a PPP with the Government of India. We look after the land title department work for the state of Goa and now we are working for the country of India, the land department of India, to make them electronically modern and so we can now we can present a new registry to each state for the smart cities that are coming up in India. I am an external consultant in the land registry. We directly collaborate with the Director General of the Land registration of India.

3. Which is the technical level in the Indian land registry?

So we have electronic systems in some states, we have digitalization in others and in some we still have paper. Now, the challenges is for the land department of India to create a central property registry. There is over half a billion of titles in India. So, if they do properly they can become the biggest property registration center in the world and that’s the challenge to do it right now. And, that is why a was explaining that we need have to do this in India so they can learn from the South American models and create a very strong registration process to do it properly.

4. In which state are you working now?

In Goa and in Delhi. The challenge we had in Goa was that first we had the Portuguese system and after that in 1980 they put it a record of rights on top of that, so the challenge was how to merge the Portuguese System to a record of rights system and then we had the cadastral maps. In the whole country is based on the British Common-law.

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