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Entrevista: Deviantee Sobarun, Registradora General, República de Mauricio

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1. How you will summarize your paper in two ideas It is like a vision, the vision that we had and the achievement.

We had a vision and we achieved that vision. So, we wanted to go paperless bringing electronic, econveyancing and this is how we have worked. We have digitalized all the documents and put it in a computerize system. We have also laminated all the papers and preserved them for consultation if anybody wants to consult papers the paper will be preserved. Actually, we have all the documents digital soft in the system and anybody can access the publish document in the system electronically.

2. How is your view about security?

We have recruited a private company, KPMG, to ensure the quality assurance of the project. So we have then quality assurance each in every time and it is done every year.

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